Financial Adviser

SARS Specialist Capacity Management

Career Opportunities: Specialist: Capacity Management

The Employment Equity policy of SARS will be considered as part of the recruitment and selection process. For statistical purposes, please indicate your Equity status.

SARS Targeted EE requirements for this position are:

Race: African

Disability: Yes

Gender: Female; Male

Successful candidates will be required to undertake an oath of secrecy, pre-employment screening and or vetting, and a declaration of private interest. The appointment is also subject to appropriate reference(s) and security clearance if applicable.

Job Family

Strategic Management


To develop, deliver, implement and maintain the integrated activities of modelling, forecasting, scheduling, analysis, interpreting, monitoring, reporting and

continuously improving the performance of resources of capital, people and equipment requirements for allocated business area.

Theme of work

Tactical Implementation Specialisation – L3(S)

Occupation Level

Minimum Functional Requirements

Capacity Management – specialisation areas

Minimum Qualifications

Relevant Bachelor’s Degree / Advanced Diploma (NQF 7)

Minimum Experience

8-10 years experience in a similar environment, of which 3-4 years ideally at operational specialist level

Alternative Minimum Qualifications

Senior Certificate (NQF 4)

Alternative Minimum Experience

8-10 years experience in a similar environment, of which 3-4 years ideally at operational specialist level

15 years related experience

Generic Job Outputs (Process)

• Analyse and make recommendations about improvements to specialist systems, procedures and associated areas practice.

• Contribute to the optimum utilisation of org. resources, advising on effective planning and development of area of specialisation resource plans.

• Develop a single practice area in alignment with operational activity and procedural frameworks and ensure tactical implementation.

• Draw on own technical or professional expertise, knowledge and experience to identify and recommend tactical solutions to defined problems in practices.

• Integrate business information, compare, analyse and produce reports to identify trends, discrepancies and inconsistencies for decision making purposes.

• Optimise goal achievement through tactical strategy implementation and optimisation of practises, processes and systems across an internal value chain.

• Plan for value-added, continuous practice and system improvements to deliver on objectives to enhance tactical implementation and excellence.

• Proactively identify interconnected problems, determine its impact and use to develop best fit alternatives, best practice implementation solutions.

• Translate top down policy in relation to own practice area and communicate impact to relevant stakeholders.

• Recommend changes to optimise processes, systems, practice area and associated procedures and execute the implementation of change and innovation.

• Conduct assessments and use information to advise, make recommendations and facilitate improvement.

• Provide best practice expertise to identify performance gaps and improvement opportunities.

• Analyse the high level information requirements and information flows to improve processes and provide support through the development process.

• Deliver operating results within predefined quality, volume and time standards.

• Implement initiatives relating to projects that will lead to improved key processes across own area of business accountability.

• Utilise understanding of functional area, legislation and mandate to make recommendations to the functional strategy.

• Request and analyse information to generate ideas, plans, options and recommendations to influence functional plans and or policies.

• Undertake information gathering, research and analyse data within broad guidelines to produce accurate plans and or recommendations for business issues.

• Analyse, develop and maintain details of equipment, specifications, staffing numbers, capacity, skills of staff and capacity of infrastructure.

Generic Job Outputs (Governance)

• Develop and/or align governance and compliance policies for own practice area to identify and manage risk exposure liability.

Generic Job Outputs (People)

• Integrate new knowledge and transfer skills attained through formal and informal learning opportunities in the execution of your job.

• Provide specialist know-how, support, advice and practice thought leadership in area of expertise.

Generic Job Outputs (Finance)

• Implement and monitor financial control, management of costs and corporate governance in area of accountability.

Generic Job Outputs (Client)

• Develop and ensure implementation of a practice that builds service delivery excellence and encourage others to provide exceptional stakeholder service.

• Participate in the specialist practice community and contribute positively to organisation knowledge management.

• Provide authoritative, specialist expertise and advice to internal and external stakeholders.

Behavioural Competencies

Accountability (V) – Proficiency Level: 3 (Tactical Development and Implementation)

Analytical Thinking – Proficiency Level: 3 (Tactical Development and Implementation)

Attention to Detail – Proficiency Level: 3 (Tactical Development and Implementation)

Building Sustainability – Proficiency Level: 3 (Tactical Development and Implementation)

Commitment to Continuous Learning – Proficiency Level: 3 (Tactical Development and Implementation)

Conceptual Ability – Proficiency Level: 3 (Tactical Development and Implementation)

Creativity – Proficiency Level: 2 (Operational Co-ordination/Optimisation)

Fairness and Transparency (V) – Proficiency Level: 3 (Tactical Development and Implementation)

Honesty and Integrity (V) – Proficiency Level: 3 (Tactical Development and Implementation)

Organisational Awareness – Proficiency Level: 3 (Tactical Development and Implementation)

Problem Solving and Analysis – Proficiency Level: 3 (Tactical Development and Implementation)

Respect (V) – Proficiency Level: 3 (Tactical Development and Implementation)

Trust (V) – Proficiency Level: 3 (Tactical Development and Implementation)

Technical Competencies

Activity Based Management – Proficiency Level: 3 (Seasoned)

Business Knowledge – Proficiency Level: 3 (Seasoned)

Efficiency improvement – Proficiency Level: 3 (Seasoned)

Functional Policies and Procedures – Proficiency Level: 3 (Seasoned)

Information management – Proficiency Level: 3 (Seasoned)

Knowledge Management – Proficiency Level: 3 (Seasoned)

Reporting – Proficiency Level: 4 (Advanced)

System Thinking – Proficiency Level: 3 (Seasoned)

Capacity management Proficiency Level: 3 (Seasoned)

Capacity Planning Proficiency Level: 3 (Seasoned)


GOC Confidential – Proficiency Level: Yes (Yes)

Knowledge of Activity Based Man. Capacity Management Proficiency Level: Yes