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Career Opportunities: Ops Specialist: Customer Experience

 The Employment Equity policy of SARS will be considered as part of the recruitment and selection process. For statistical purposes, please indicate your Equity status.

 SARS Targeted EE requirements for this position are:

Race: African

Disability: Yes

Gender: Female; Male

 Successful candidates will be required to undertake an oath of secrecy, pre-employment screening and or vetting, and a declaration of private interest. The appointment is also subject to appropriate reference(s) and security clearance if applicable.

Job Family

Customer Service


To provide operational, analytical and reporting support by performing data quality management (data cleansing, integrity, enrichment, data and information flow) in order to manage the data lifecycle needs of a Business Unit in an effective manner, thereby enhancing customer experience and compliance culture.

Theme of work

Operational Optimisation Specialisation – H2(S)



OFO Code


Occupation Level

Skilled technical and academically qualified workers, junior management,

supervisors, foremen, superintendents

Minimum Functional Requirements

Minimum Qualifications

Relevant Bachelor’s Degree / Advanced Diploma (NQF 7)

Minimum Experience

5-7 years experience in a similar environment, of which 2-3 years ideally at functional specialist level

Alternative Minimum Qualifications

Senior Certificate (NQF 4)

Alternative Minimum Experience

10 years related experience

Generic Job Outputs (Process)

• Provide specialist input through the investigation of opportunities for operational and process product and risk optimisation.

• Execute specialist input through investigation andopportunities within the product process including risk concern.

• Plan for value-added process improvements, initiatives and services to deliver on operational strategy and objectives.

• Initiate process and procedural change, implement the change and provide guidelines and support related to new requirements as a result of the change.

• Draw on own knowledge and experience to diagnose symptoms, causes and possible effects in order to solve emerging problems.

• Correctly apply policies, practices, standards, procedures and legislation in the delivery of work outputs.

• Communication of situational interpretation and judgement of work outputs and queries in area of specialisation.

• Apply practical and applied knowledge and act authoritatively on methods, systems and procedures to identify trends and potential risks.

• Accumulate information to review work progress that provides input to reporting, decision making and the identification of improvement opportunities.

• Contribute towards the mapping of segment customer journeys by channel and products to unlock pain-points and bottlenecks when providing

• Consolidate customer experience information and develop activities for successful implementation of customer experience metrics.

• Developing a deep understanding of customer needs/insights for the development of online and self-service user experience.

• Compile reports, which include actionable recommendations by segment, products and metrics, which provide recommendations to management.

• Correctly apply research governance standards, procedures and legislation in the delivery of work outputs.

• Gather applicable information, analyse customer pain-points and identify opportunities to improve.

• Provide inputs into system development and improvement life cycle and plan activities relevant for usability studies to determine ease of doing

• Gather inputs from employees about customer experiences analyse and propose appropriate initiatives for improvement.

• Conduct customer experience benchmark studies with relevant revenue authorities to continuously improve value to customers and produce.

Generic Job Outputs (Governance)

• Implement and provide input into the development of governance, compliance, integrity and ethics processes within area of specialisation.

Generic Job Outputs (People)

• Develop and maintain productive working relationships with peers and team members to achieve predefined objectives.

• Search for, integrate and share new knowledge attained through formal and informal learning opportunities in the execution of your job.

Generic Job Outputs (Finance)

• Adhere to organisational policies and procedures to ensure cost effectiveness and reduction of financial costs.

Generic Job Outputs (Client)

• Contribute to a culture of service excellence, which builds positive relationships and provides opportunity for feedback and exceptional service.

• Provide authoritative, specialist services, expertise and advice to internal and external stakeholders.

Behavioural Competencies

Accountability (V) – Proficiency Level: 2 (Operational Co-ordination/Optimisation)

Analytical Thinking – Proficiency Level: 2 (Operational Co-ordination/Optimisation)

Attention to Detail – Proficiency Level: 2 (Operational Co-ordination/Optimisation)

Building Sustainability – Proficiency Level: 2 (Operational Co-ordination/Optimisation)

Commitment to Continuous Learning – Proficiency Level: 2 (Operational Co-ordination/Optimisation)

Conceptual Ability – Proficiency Level: 2 (Operational Co-ordination/Optimisation)

Customer Orientation – Proficiency Level: 2 (Operational Co-ordination/Optimisation)

Customer Service – Proficiency Level: 2 (Operational Co-ordination/Optimisation)

Driving for Excellence – Proficiency Level: 2 (Operational Co-ordination/Optimisation)

Fairness and Transparency (V) – Proficiency Level: 2 (Operational Co-ordination/Optimisation)

Honesty and Integrity (V) – Proficiency Level: 2 (Operational Co-ordination/Optimisation)

Organisational Awareness – Proficiency Level: 2 (Operational Co-ordination/Optimisation)

Problem Solving and Analysis – Proficiency Level: 2 (Operational Co-ordination/Optimisation)

Respect (V) – Proficiency Level: 2 (Operational Co-ordination/Optimisation)

Stakeholder Engagement and Management – Proficiency Level: 2 (Operational Co-ordination/Optimisation)

Trust (V) – Proficiency Level: 2 (Operational Co-ordination/Optimisation)

Technical Competencies

Business Knowledge – Proficiency Level: 3 (Seasoned)

Customer Relationship Management – Proficiency Level: 2 (Proficient)

Effective Business Communication – Proficiency Level: 2 (Proficient)

Efficiency improvement – Proficiency Level: 3 (Seasoned)

Functional Policies and Procedures – Proficiency Level: 2 (Proficient)

Reporting – Proficiency Level: 2 (Proficient)

SARS Systems Products – Proficiency Level: 2 (Proficient)

Creative and Innovative Thinking Proficiency Level: 2 (Proficient)


GOC Confidential – Proficiency Level: Yes (Yes)

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