Financial Adviser

General Workers Centurion

General workers and cleaners (Hyundai Centurion)

South Africa

The successful incumbent for a stock controller will be responsible for:
• Stock Invoicing and Management
• Sales Commissions
• Reporting and Administration
• Stock Invoicing and Stock Management
1.1 Stocking of Vehicles
• Ensure vin no’s agree to delivery note
• Record all damages, tools/spare tyre, lighter not received on delivery note and report to DP
• Notify carrier co via email of any damages claims within 24 hours and follow up on repairs weekly
• Stock vehicles at correct dealer billing, accessories added, correct vehicle descriptions and timely
• Process orders for all accessories that are costed and signed off by the Dealer Principal or Sales Manager. Process orders for any other pre-sales/after-sales costs.
• Invoice amount should not exceed order amount, order numbers should be quoted on supplier invoices.

• Ensure that suppliers details (Vat number etc) and our Company details (Vat nr, address etc) are correct on the supplier invoices.
• Unreceived cost report for vehicles to be printed and followed up daily, accruals to be raised monthly excluding VAT
• All suppliers should be aware no order no payment
• Process aftersales provision for each stocked used vehicle and price increases for new vehicles timely and accurately
• Ensure 125 point checks are done on used vehicles and costed to limit subsequent aftersales cost
• No accessories may be transferred between vehicles and no money to be transferred between vehicles
• No vehicle may be written down without DP/GM authorization
• Ensure all trade-in stock is dealer stocked at correct values and timely. TIVs must be signed by Used Cars Manager or DP.
• Monitor compliance with regional buy-in delegation of authority levels and only stock buy-in vehicles if fully compliant.
• All stock in transit vehicles to be stocked timely and in transit exceeding 14 days after month-end must be followed up daily
• Follow-up on outstanding Natis document weekly with Sales Managers
• Ensure vehicle reconditioning is done before vehicles are parked on the showroom floor
• No visible damage
• Windscreen cracks etc

1.2 Invoicing of Vehicles
• Invoice vehicles sold timely and accurately
• Sundry invoices to be invoiced timely
• New Vehicles invoiced/ICT’d to other dealers should also be transferred on warranty system
• Deal files to be checked to ensure all paperwork is accurate and complete before invoicing. Invoice only with DP or Sales Manager authorized deal files.
• Deal analysis sheet must be printed, included in the deal file and checked to costing sheet to ensure deal balances – any discrepancies must be reported to DP or Sales Manager before invoicing
• Monitor and Report any pre-invoicing concerns to DP and Accountant timely
• Ensure regional delegation of authority levels are complied with before invoicing any loss deals (1st GP and 2nd GP)
• Verify validity and accuracy of any rebates, fleet claims and deal assistance before invoicing as maybe applicable. Include copy of the rebates memo/specials in the deal file.
• Ensure all invoiced vehicles are Warranty registered on the system timely (correct period) and natis received (also to support rebates and fleet claims)
• Ensure all credit notes are authorized in line with regional delegation of authority before processing
• Safeguard deal files